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How much will a SunFlow® System cost?

A SunFlow® System in the average Kiwi home would cost from around $10,000. Costs vary depending on project size, heat source choice and site location. Simple systems employing a concrete slab on grade compare in price to any other central heating option.

How long will a SunFlow® System last?

SunFlow® is BRANZ appraised and every system comes complete with a 25 year limited warranty on the in-floor tubing and components and a minimum 2 year limited warranty on all above floor equipment. Some items including gas boilers feature 5 year limited warranties.

Is it true that SunFlow® Floor Heating cost less to operate than alternative systems?

Yes! the amount of savings will vary dependent upon fuel choice, site location, insulation and construction quality. Usually radiant floor heating systems achieve energy cost savings up to 40% when compared with forced air central heating using the same type of heat source.

How long does it take a SunFlow® System to heat up?

About about one day at the beginning of each heating season. After that the system controls react to changing conditions and maintain the system at the temperature you set.

Can I use any type of floor covering with a SunFlow® System?

Yes! Advise your local distributor of your choice and your system will be designed accordingly. As they are the most conductive, tile, slate and stone floors are the most efficient. Hardwood is next, followed by carpet and underlay; even vinyl and linoleum can be used. Ask for advice on carpet underlays designed to work in conjunction with radiant floor heating systems. Usually the only design variations are tube spacing and supply water temperature.

Is SunFlow® a healthy system?

Yes! SunFlow® Systems do not use air as the vehicle to move the heating through the house. Consequently, mould, mites and dust are not being distributed. Allergy sufferers and asthmatics really notice the difference with a SunFlow® heating system. Another great health benefit is the elimination of damp, mould and condensation.

Is it true that some older systems made the floor too hot?

Yes, to some degree. Older in-floor systems using electric cables ran at high temperatures and had very simple controls. Many floors heated by electric cables consequently developed floor surface temperatures too hot to be comfortable. With a SunFlow® water-fed system, the sophisticated controls ensure the floor temperature seldom exceeds 24ºC.

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BRANZ appraisal

SunFlow® Radiant Floor Heating is the only heating SYSTEM available in New Zealand with a BRANZ APPRAISAL (No 398).