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Benefits of Floor Heating

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Underfloor heating works with all floor coverings

With underfloor heating you can install wood, tiles, concrete, carpet or any other floor covering.

Being radiant heat, hard surfaces will feel warm making them a pleasure to touch. Best of all there are no uncomfortable air currents, cold spots or draughts.

You can choose your heating source

You have a range of heat source options to choose from including gas boilers, air to water heat pumps, diesel, wood burning or electric boilers. You can even use geothermal energy or back up with solar or wetbacks.

We're here to help you make the right choice and will cover all your options with you during the consultation process.

It's extremely fuel efficient

Although the initial investment may be slightly higher than forced air central heating systems, you'll make ongoing energy savings of up to 40%.

That’s because water can carry 4 time as much energy as air, and unlike systems which heat air, expensive energy doesn’t rise and collect at the ceiling. Consequently heat loss by infiltration and through windows is greatly reduced allowing thermostats to be set lower without effecting comfort.

It provides significant health benefits

Radiant heating eliminates dampness and excessive humidity, and reduces mould and dust mites considerably as your home is kept dry.

It's the perfect heating solution for people with asthma and allergies as dust doesn't get blown around the home. You'll notice a big difference in the reduction of condensation on windows too.

Your furniture and drapes also stay cleaner thanks to the elimination of dust being blown over surfaces as is the case with forced air heating systems.

benefits underflow heating

It's a designers dream

As there are no grills or baseboard heaters you can place furniture anywhere in the room and hang drapes right down to the floor.

It's safe for children

With no flames, fans or hot surfaces to burn, it's safe for children and the elderly. Circulation also improves because your feet are kept warm.

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BRANZ appraisal

SunFlow® Radiant Floor Heating is the only heating SYSTEM available in New Zealand with a BRANZ APPRAISAL (No 398).