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UnderFloor Heating

underfloor heating

The best form of heating

SunFlow® Floor Heating Systems are the most comfortable, efficient, quiet, clean and healthy of all home heating options. SunFlow® Floor Heating Systems conduct heat through the floor and then broadcast it to heat every cold object in the room, especially you.

Choose from a variety of heat sources

They’re hydronic, heating a home by radiating heat from warm water piped through a closed loop under floor network of tubing. And because water is the vehicle used to convey the heating energy, you can choose from a variety of heat sources. Gas, electricity, heat pumps, wood and diesel burning boilers are available. Wetbacks and solar energy can provide useful backup if available. We’re also ecologically aware so we include condensing gas and diesel boilers in our range which conform to European Union directive 92/42/CEE.

This flexibility and division of the heating system into two distinct segments, is a major advantage that SunFlow® Floor Heating Systems have over other forms of heating. Separating the heat source and controls from the energy distribution system enables choices to be made to suit individual requirements.

Custom designed

As we also understand the importance of comfort in your new home, all SunFlow® Floor Heating Systems are custom designed, providing you with all the specific features you may require and freedom from draughts, ducts, dirt and din. Unlike old fashioned electric cable systems, maintenance is simple and consistent temperature control is easily achieved. From user friendly programmable thermostats to sophisticated building control systems, SunFlow® has a choice for every application.

Economical to use

SunFlow® floor heating systems are also economical. Because they produce radiant heat (the same energy that the sun provides) energy is not lost to the air, so thermostats can be set lower. Typically radiant heating systems achieve energy cost savings of 20-40% over forced air systems using a comparable energy source.

Extensive warranties

For your peace of mind SunFlow® Floor Heating Systems are BRANZ Appraised, and come with a 25 year Limited Warranty on in floor components and 2 year Warranty on all above floor equipment.

Our customers believe that we’re the finest heating company in New Zealand, and we aim to keep those big shoes filled and toasty warm. You can rest assured with a SunFlow® Floor Heating System.

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BRANZ appraisal

SunFlow® Radiant Floor Heating is the only heating SYSTEM available in New Zealand with a BRANZ APPRAISAL (No 398).