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How much will a SunFlow® Solar System cost?

Typically, a SunFlow® Solar System will cost between $7,000.00 and $9,000, dependent on system location and site requirements.

How long will my SunFlow® Solar System last?

Flat plate solar hot water systems have been around since the 50's. It's a time tested technology and systems installed in the 70's are still performing efficiently today. SunFlow® offer a 10 year Limited Warranty on SP and BC collectors.

How can I be sure of SunFlow® quality and efficiency?

All SunFlow® Solar Systems are built to and comply with the joint Australian and New Zealand standard AS/NZ 2712:2007 and performance modeled to AS/NZS 4234:2008.

How much money will I save?

A SunFlow® Solar System can provide 70% and more of the average household's hot water requirement. Most analysis suggests that approximately 50% of an average electricity bill is a direct result of water heating.

Does a SunFlow® Solar System, really make an environmental difference?

You bet! The average SunFlow® Solar System saves about 1.5 tonnes of carbon emissions a year.

Which type of SunFlow® System should I buy?

Your local SunFlow® Dealer will be able to offer advice on collector choice. The number of people in the family will determine the right size cylinder. Typically a 300 litre cylinder will cater for the average family's requirements.

I've heard that solar systems don't work in cold areas.

Not true. SunFlow’s Solar Systems work by way of solar radiation. With SunFlow® European designed technologies, there's enough sunshine anywhere in New Zealand to power a SunFlow® Hot Water System. Once again your local Dealer can help you choose the most suitable collector.

Can frost and snow damage a SunFlow® Solar System?

The components of a SunFlow® Solar System are designed to withstand the rigours of northern European winters. SunFlow® Solar Systems are closed circuit systems in which the water is heated via a heat exchanger and solar energy transfer fluid.

How much roof space does a system require?

These days most customers chose a split system which eliminates the need to place the cylinder on the roof and is probably more visually appealing. A typical SunFlow® Solar System includes 4 square metres of collectors, although 5 square metres will be required for the larger of the BC collectors.

Can I install a SunFlow® Solar System on a flat roof

Yes, special brackets are available which support the collectors at a suitable angle.

My roof slopes at 45 degrees. Is this OK?

It's just fine. In fact it will increase winter efficiency. In a perfect world, the collector angle would match the location latitude. But a flat plate system will work well from a pitch of 12 degrees on up.

Does my roof have to face North?

Ideally, yes. However it's not critical. SunFlow® Solar Systems function well as long as they're in a range between North East and North West.

I've heard that evacuated tube systems are more efficient than flat plate collectors?

Both EECA and the University of New South Wales research prove that in New Zealand's temperate climate both systems are equally efficient. So quality of construction, durability and aesthetics, should be the main considerations. SunFlow® proven technology comes up trumps every time!

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BRANZ appraisal

SunFlow® Radiant Floor Heating is the only heating SYSTEM available in New Zealand with a BRANZ APPRAISAL (No 398).