Warm water wall mounted radiators

At SunFlow® we understand that radiant heat is the most comfortable, whole-of-home heating option available. Unfortunately, for a lot of customers in existing established homes, SunFlow® Floor Heating is not an option.

There are however, many situations in which radiator heating is a great alternative. The benefits of 'hydronics' (using water to carry heat around a building rather than air), are shared in common with in-floor heating. It's simple really; water can carry more heat than air. Therefore it's much more economical to use water to convey energy than it is to use forced/recirculated air systems or ducted systems. And it's healthier too; indoor air is typically 70 times more polluted than outdoor air. So it makes sense to use water to heat your home, rather than stale old air carrying all sorts of dirt and germs. SunFlow® can provide elegant, modern, well designed radiators to transfer the radiant heat we all love, right into your home.

Stylish and with a space saving wall mount, SunFlow® Radiators are a far cry from those clunky old cast iron models from times past. European designed and manufactured, SunFlow® Radiators come in a wide range of sizes, including double and triple convector models with outputs ranging from 500 to 3500 watts as well as vertical models.

Sunflow radiator heating specialistsThe factory in which they're manufactured has received an ISO 9001 Certificate for the entire production process up to and including packaging and delivery. All SunFlow® Radiators are quality tested in accordance with the European Standard,EN442. We're so confident in our product quality and installation techniques that all SunFlow® Radiators are warranted against faults in manufacture and materials for 5 years.

Modern style and quality, old fashion comfort with warm water wall mounted radiators.

Sunflow radiator heating specialists

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